The past several years I have participated in making a “soul collage”  on the last day of December. The purpose is to set a goal, resolution or a letting go for the coming new year and to represent it prayerfully and symbolically, by making a collage of photo images. This year my collage was especially meaningful. I am retiring from an organization that has been dear to my heart for forty-three years. I found photos to fill one side of my collage centered around letting go: images of waterfalls, representing tears of sadness, and clouds representing pain floating away. The other side represents my hope for the future. I chose photos of sunlight shimmering through treetops, golden sunlight shining through clouds, a woman picking memories from amongst the stars, and peaceful beach scenes. While making the collage, I felt more emotionally connected to the letting go side. My take away has been that I need to be more receptive to grace-filled memories.  My hope side attunes me to a future that is stimulating, gifted, fulfilling, and creative.

by Gracie