On Epiphany, we attended a wedding. This wedding had a deep, penetrating feel to it.  Most weddings do. But this one was different. This one had lemonade and sweet tea. It had tattoos and vaporizers. Most of the guests shared a bond of accomplishment and a sorrow for those not present. The bride and groom were proclaiming victory over evil. The best man gave a one wedding at a time toast. The judge left quietly out the back door, his judgment not needed anymore. It seems every life has some pain in it, every life challenges. Down deep were all the same. We all need each other. We all need some support. Our epiphany comes with the morning sunrise. It comes with the touch of a loved one. Every day of our glorious life, through the pain, comes a new start. It’s humbling to know that we’re all a part of something much bigger, much deeper than just breathe in and breathe out. Together we can ease the pain and pave a new day.

by Diego