At 7:00 p.m, we opened the doors of Knight Hall and a cool breeze was floating off the ocean. The team prayed together and we thought about crossing thresholds and how important it is to build a bridge of trust when strangers meet to talk about the spiritual journey for the first time. Soon the room was full and people were talking and enjoying the wonderful gourmet spread and great conversation provided by our thirty-strong team of parishioners.  We came together to share our lives, our stories, and the needed information about the coming year. We put aside time to intentionally create holy ground and promise to accompany anyone seeking a companion on the journey. After going over the details of the process, we had a video and live testimonies about the transforming effects of being in the RCIA  community. It was a great night and  I hope everyone returns and brings a friend or two!

Here’s the video we watched:

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