Remembrances and Thanks…

To my beloved RCIA companions,


The year has passsed with its usual swiftness, hard work and great spiritual gifts. As always, I am on my knees grateful to all of you who have been there for the seekers who show up at our doors. You are the ones who hae opened the doors of your heart and welcomed in the stranger. You are the ones whose doors have never closed, no matter what! As we stand on the threshold of eternity, the open door before us, may we always feel the gentle push of the Spirit to cross over into another unknown realm. I’ve said it many times before but I say it once again to all of you on behavlf of Fr. Steve and the whole parish, many, many thanks. You are the example of what community really means. You are the ones who have continually been open to the call of the Spirit and have answered in a deep and life-changing way. With love, prayers, blessings of peace and looking forward to another year ahead with you…

– Donna

Over the Sacred Threshold

They come to our door each year
Timidly asking entrance into mystery
We stand and hold the portal open
Welcome, all are welcome we say
Come and be with us
Let us help you, hold you
Teach, guide, mentor and bless you
Let us show you our wounds
Tell you no lies
Coax you to follow our Beloved
impossible dreamer
Let us listen and touch you
Cross you, pray with and over you
Anoint you with the oil of conscious love
Invite you to join us at the perpetual
And everlasting Eucharistic table
That lies just over the sacred threshold
We will ceaselessly traverse
with you.

June 21, 2011

This poem was written after our year of meditating on the symbol of the open door. I am currently praying about what our theme will be next year.  Any suggestions?