Morning Mantra

Less of me.  More of You. This has been my morning mantra for quite some time now. Upon awakening, I sit on the side of my bed, intentionally make the sign of the cross, and slowly repeat it three times in silence, hoping that I might internalize the message and walk out into the world and live the Jesus Way.

Less of me,

more of You

in the workplace

in the parking lot

on the freeway

in the meeting

at the market

at the gym

on vacation

with my family

with friends

the list goes on and on.

When I can think of others first (which is not always my go-to idea!), then I find myself happier, less stressed, freer and closer to God.

by Andrew


Seeking Faith/RCIA Calendar


We meet on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. in Knight Hall


January 9     The Sacraments

January 16    The Holy Eucharist

January 23     Sacraments of Healing

January 30      Sacrament of Holy Orders

February 6      Sacrament of Matrimony

February 13    Lent and Divine Election

February 20    Rite of Election with Sponsors at Basilica San Juan                                         Capistrano – Bishop presiding

February 27    The Creed

March 6          Commandments and Beatitudes

March 10 (Saturday)  RETREAT WITH SPONSORS -KNIGHT HALL                                                                                (MANDATORY)

March 13         Our Father Prayer

March 19         Penance Service (for Baptized Only)

March 20        Seder/Presentation of the Our Father @ 5:30 Mass

March 27         The Triduum


March 29   Holy Thursday: 8:15 a.m. Morning Prayer; 7:30 p .m. Mass

March 30    Good Friday: 8:15 a.m. Morning Prayer; 12:00 noon – Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion; 7:30 p.m. Lamentations

March 31   HOLY SATURDAY 8:15 a.m. Morning prayer and Preparation Rites followed by rehearsal for the Easter Vigil; (MANDATORY)

7:00 p.m. – Return to Knight Hall with Sponsors (MANDATORY)

8:00 p .m.  – Easter Vigil Begins!         

April 3 – Reflections on the Easter Vigil in Knight Hall

April 10 – Social Teachings of the Church

April 17 – Spirituality for the Long Haul

April 24 – Christian Witness/Stewardship

May 1 – Called and Gifted

May 8 – FINAL GATHERING – BBQ AND FAREWELLS; begins with mass at 5:30



Cross For Eternity

There’s a story about a fictional country in Central America where politics, greed and civil war has erupted into the streets of the local town. The title of the story is “A Flag For Sunrise”.  The flag is a powerful symbol of a choice the indigenous people have to make. Their decision will put them on one side or the other and as war rages on they wait for the morning to see if their flag will be flying. There is a poignant correlation between these homegrown people and us Christians.  Except we have the Cross in front of us all the time, at sunrise and sunset, year in and year out. We have no worries as to who will be in power the next day or the next day after that. We have A Cross for Eternity. There are no questions, no fears no praying for one side or the other. There is just faith, forgiveness and love.  Let the world around us find its place in history. Our Cross has saved us. Our time is of eternity.

by Diego

Always Be Prepared

I’ve never been a scout, but I do try to follow the code”always be prepared.” When I had babies, I carried a change of clothes for each “just in case.” I keep a “kit” of what I deem to be necessities in my suitcase, causing a friend I was traveling with who saw it to suggest that I could practically perform surgery with what was stuffed into it. On the faith front, Matthew’s gospel reminds us more than once to be ready:  “Therefore be on the alert, for you do not know which day your Lord is coming” and again in the parable of the ten virgins and their oil lamps:  “…you will not know the hour or the day…” Today and hopefully going forward I will remember to live every as if it were my last, in service to God and to my brothers and sisters here on earth.

by JAM

Hold The Tension

Like so many others, I am surrounded every day by friends and family afflicted with suffering. They reach out for prayer and support, which I readily give, but somehow it never feels like enough. I want them to be healed, NOW, and yet the endless suffering goes on, beating up my soul like waves pounding on the shore. At times like these,  I return to three words I learned from Fr. Ron Rolheiser: “hold the tension.” Look at the cross, he says, and see what Jesus did in his darkest hours. He did not give back “in kind,” take revenge, spew anger or despair. Rather, he held the tension inside, and then, like a water purifier, poured out the transformed pain as healing love. This isn’t easy for us mortals, but in reality, all we can do when life’s challenges are uncontrollable. Knowing that Jesus holds the tension along with us creates a powerful well of strength beyond what any of us can do alone. Bound together by the grace of the cross, we find meaning in suffering, a healing gift beyond limits.

by DC

Live Your Love

This last week was my birthday. I celebrated with ten of my dearest girlfriends. I wrote each woman a ‘love letter’ telling each how they have enriched and blessed my life over all of the years we have journeyed together. Unbeknownst to me, one of my friends reached out to the others and asked them to come prepared with three words that described their experience of me and so they did. I handed out my letters and they went around the table and shared their words out loud that represented how they saw me. The experience was powerful and validating. We lived our love for each other. Jesus lived His love for each of us, sharing with us how important we are to God, and how deeply loved we are by Him. For today, live your love, share with those closest to you what they mean to you either by word, prayer, or deed. When we are intentional and unconditional about our love, we share our hearts, as well as, shine a piece of heaven into the mix.

by Gracie

Transform My Sighs

There are many times I think about just how amazing it is that God really understands our situations, our frustrations, our challenges, even my sighs. To sigh is to emit a long, deep audible breath expressing sadness, relief, tiredness or a similar feeling. I sigh for a world in need of healing and love. Have sighs for the marginalized and sighs for those who don’t know God but have a seeking heart. This quote by Brother Roger of Taize speaks into my heart: “God understands all human languages. God understands our words. But he also understands our sighs and our silences. And silence is sometimes all there is to prayer.” I will remind myself that a sigh is sometimes all there is to prayer as well. Prayer practice: “Transform my sighs.”

by Cathy

Seek Small Miracles

Readers: During the next two weeks, our writers will give you three words to ponder as you begin each day. May these words, and their reflections, be spiritual nourishment in preparation for the coming forty days, our Church’s annual retreat into the desert of Lent. 

Seek small miracles that happen to you each day. I recently happened upon a sweet, agile lady in her nineties looking for a ride home with her groceries. I happened to stop at the market when I really wanted to go home but I needed to get that chore out of the way. There she was, two bags in hand, as I walked out the store entrance. “Could you give me a ride, just down the way?” I did not hesitate to say yes, so we walked to my car. We introduced ourselves and her name was Elizabeth, like mine. We shared conversation and she gave me detailed directions to her small, quaint home. She insisted that she carry her own two bags to her doorstep. She was very able and strong not only physically but also by nature. Before exiting the car, she left me with this quote: “Every day is a good day and some days are better. Remember that.” God invites us to seek small miracles each day.

by Liz