Inquirers are people with questionsAsking a question is like that – lighting a candle within and then waiting and reflecting until the next question comes. Soon, there is a fireplace full of light within where there once was darkness.

Here are a few of the questions people have frequently asked me in the more than twenty-five years I have been intentionally focused on the spiritual quest as an adult:


  • If God knows our every thought and need, why do we have to pray?
  • Why do bad things happen to good people and it seems like good things happen to the bad people?
  • Did God create evil?
  • What happens to us after we die?
  • Why do we have to suffer?
  • What does the Catholic Church teach about the end of the world?
  • Why do you worship Mary and the saints?
  • Why do Catholics have to go to mass on Sunday?

I’m sure you have many more!

Below is an interesting You-Tube video of Fr. Robert Barron (see his website that might spark some truth within you. Further below is a list of common misconceptions about the Catholic Church. You know, things you have heard from others that sounded true and yet, still left you wondering. I encourage you to read the list over and post a question to the blog on this site.