Seeking Faith? RCIA First Night – September 12, 2017

At 7:00 p.m, we opened the doors of Knight Hall and a cool breeze was floating off the ocean. The team prayed together and we thought about crossing thresholds and how important it is to build a bridge of trust when strangers meet to talk about the spiritual journey for the first time. Soon the room was full and people were talking and enjoying the wonderful gourmet spread and great conversation provided by our thirty-strong team of parishioners.  We came together to share our lives, our stories, and the needed information about the coming year. We put aside time to intentionally create holy ground and promise to accompany anyone seeking a companion on the journey. After going over the details of the process, we had a video and live testimonies about the transforming effects of being in the RCIA  community. It was a great night and  I hope everyone returns and brings a friend or two!

Here’s the video we watched:


Donna’s Power Point:

Seeking Faith Podcast: http://tuesday-nights-at-rcia.madewithopinion.com/

What Is RCIA?

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RCIA AdRCIA  is an acronym that stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

RCIA is, first and foremost, about encountering the person of Jesus through a community of believers. It is as much about the individual seeking conversion as it is about the whole community entering into that process and becoming converted.  Our vision is sacred and ancient: we, as community, journey together to become that which we consume at each Eucharist: the Body of Christ.  Just how we go about accomplishing this awesome challenge is a task that parishes and the Church at large have been working on for many years. Speaking for me and for my wonderful team members who are selfless stewards, this is our message to anyone contemplating the RCIA process:

We are here to build a bridge of trust with you.

We are here to listen to your questions and sort out your inner yearnings.

We are here to share stories–joys, struggles, sorrows.

We are here to provide information and formation in the Christian way of life.

We are here to pray with you and for you.

We are here to walk with you as you seek to go deeper.

We are here to help you with initiation, should you decide to become Catholic.

We are here to love and support you, whatever you choose.

We are here to serve you–with both food and spiritual nourishment–as you journey.

Contact Donna Couch, Director of Faith Formation   dcouch@stedward.com


Seeking More About Catholicism?

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Catholicism has a long history. Catholicism can be very complicated and confusing if you have never really studied it as an adult. People say a lot of things about our faith that are really misconceptions passed on by perhaps well-meaning but misinformed friends, acquaintances, relatives, and even television shows. If you want the truth about what we believe and how we practice, please come to INQUIRY, the first phase of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PRESSURE to become a Catholic. We are just here, with food and wine, to help you learn about the “Mother Church” of the Christian faith. More information: email: faithformation@stedward.com  A new Inquiry Class is NOW FORMING! The first gathering, an information evening, will be held on SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 in Knight Hall. Contact Donna Couch, Director of Faith Formation: dcouch@stedward.com.

RCIA Mystagogia Nights

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The neophytes and team have been pondering the deeper mysteries of faith ever since Easter. This phase of RCIA is called “Mystagogia.” We have explored spirituality, social teachings and stewardship as ways to witness love in the world. Our final class session tonight (May 16)  focuses on “Called and Gifted,” a discernment of where the journey is leading in the future. Be sure to listen to the podcasts of these and all of the other wonderful sessions we have posted this year. Here is the link: http://tuesday-nights-at-rcia.madewithopinion.com/our-witness-to-love-in-the-world/#

Blessings of grace and peace always. . . Donna

Our Witness to Love in the World

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In essence, Christian witness is really the life-long call toward intentional discipleship. That means figuring out a plan to live differently, counter-culturally,  each and every day henceforth. Tonight, we explored how this can happen by looking at the three journeys that each of us is called to: the personal journey, the ecclesial (church) journey, and journey into active community. We talked about the pouring out of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that were given at Confirmation. The challenge of remaining a steadfast disciple, an intentional disciple, is ahead of us all as RCIA comes to a close. May each one of us keep the fire burning within!

Listen to the Podcast: :http://tuesday-nights-at-rcia.madewithopinion.com/our-witness-to-love-in-the-world/#

Spirituality for the Long Haul

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Spirituality – What is it? Spirituality is a word often misused and misunderstood.  Frequently confused with being pious, religious, or even other-worldly, spirituality is really about the constant desire or  fire within us that is always restless and reaching for something beyond ourselves. Everyone is spiritual but not always in ways that enhance our lives or bring us peace and happiness.  Spirituality is what we choose to do with the fire within – directing it toward transformation or toward destruction. In this important discussion, we talked about the journey ahead and what we can do to keep the fire burning for the rest of our lives not just for our own good but for the transfiguration of the whole world.

Listen to the Podcast: http://tuesday-nights-at-rcia.madewithopinion.com/spirituality-for-the-long-haul/#

Donna’s Power Point: Spirituality for the Long Haul