RCIA Session: The Nicene Creed – March 21, 2017

The Creed is our most sacred statement of beliefs but it is also a prayer that we say together at mass in order to live out what we profess to believe. This session, we  to discussed the essential beliefs that date back to the first three hundred years of the Church. In the early days of the Church, the Elect were formally presented a copy of the Creed right before their initiation, as a sign that they were about to embrace a new way of life. In RCIA, this tradition continues next Tuesday night at 5;30 p.m. masss. When we meet for the final Preparation Rites on Holy Saturday morning, they will be asked to recite it “for the first time.” What a beautiful way to witness to all of us about the power of new faith!

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RCIA Session: Prayer – March 7, 2017

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We spent the entire evening talking about prayer, something that all people claim to do, even those who are not religious. We immersed ourselves in the definitions, purposes, and many ways to pray, considering the overall definition that “Prayer is a cry of the heart.”  Cathy facilitated a great discussion about how the Lord’s Prayer is especially important in the development of a personal relationship with Jesus who prayed to his Father.  The evening concluded with a beautiful prayer service and the ritual of presenting the Elect and Candidates a  framable copy of the Our Father. What a great experience!

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Donna’s Power Point: Prayer

RCIA Session: Lent and Divine Election February 28, 2017

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This session of RCIA took place on Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, and focused on preparing for the Season of Lent. For many of our catechumens and candidates, this is the first time they have ever entered into this forty-day retreat into the desert. Lent is defined, the themes of each Sunday opened up, and then time was spent reflecting on what the plan will be this special year that culminates in initiation at the Great Easter Vigil on April 15. The parish theme for the season is RE;LENT – a time of allowing forgiveness and compassion to flow from the love we have for Christ.


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RCIA Session: Christian Morality February 14, 2017

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To lead a moral life is to lead a good life, to be fulfilled and happy. Unlike popular consensus, the laws and rules of the Church are there to free us, to lead us into a meaningful and abundant life, centered on the Good. Tonight, we focused on the philosophy and theology of Christian morality and grappled with some difficult “real-life” scenarios. In the end, it is comforting to know that the God who created us is intimately involved in our lives and is there with mercy and forgiveness no matter what.



Donna’s Power Point Presentation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9w5_Rvgy4ljY2tWRm4ycU5FM1k/view?usp=sharing


RCIA Session: Overview of the Mass February 7, 2017

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Fr. Brendan Manson, our pastor, was on hand to speak to the group about the source and summit of our faith, our communal prayer, the Mass.  Drawing upon his personal experience as well as pointing out the Scriptural basis for liturgy, Fr.Brendan enlightened and delighted everyone with his knowledge and humor.  After speaking for awhile, he answered the many questions that naturally arose from our table talk.

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RCIA Session: Matrimony January 31 2017

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The sacrament of Matrimony was discussed at length in this week’s session. The Catholic approach to marriage as a holy covenant with God was the main illuminating concept. The wisdom of three seasoned couples was then shared with the group: Tom and Donna McDonald and Cathy and Jim Roby, and Kevin and Corrine Perkins. Their honest and heart-filled presentations touched everyone.

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Busted Halo Video: http://bustedhalo.com/video/matrimony-why-make-it-catholic

The Sacrament of Holy Orders RCIA Talk on January 24 2017

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Fr. Armando Virrey, one of our parochial vicars, was on hand  to share with us his wisdom and experience of the priesthood as we delved into the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Ordination to the priesthood or diaconate is a very important topic for those who are seeking to join the faith of the Catholic Church. Fr. Armando not only spoke of the theology but also of his personal vocation, what inspired him to respond to God’s call into the priesthood. After the break, we viewed a short video and Donna Couch fielded questions since Fr. Armando had to go to a sick call at the hospital – his ministry as priest in action.

Recording: http://tuesday-nights-at-rcia.madewithopinion.com/sacrament-of-holy-orders/#

Video: http://bustedhalo.com/video/holy-orders-what-ordination-means


RCIA Calendar 2016-17

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rcia-calendarRCIA sessions meet every Tuesday evening from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. in Knight Hall, with a few exceptions to accommodate holidays. If this is your first time, we ask  you to please email or phone the Faith Formation Office so that we can be sure to welcome you –  email: faithformation@stedward.com; phone: 949-496-6011 Donna Couch, Director of Faith Formation, is the contact person for RCIA.

Here are the dates and topics for Upcoming Sessions in 2017

January 24: Sacrament of Holy Orders with Fr. Armando Virrey

January 31: Sacrament of Matrimony

February 7: Overview of the Mass

February 14: Christian Morality

February 21: The Holy Trinity

February 28: Lent and Divine Election

March 7 – Rite of Election at Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano

March 14 – Prayer

March 21 – Seder Passover Meal

March 28 – The Creed

April 3/4 – Penance Service (for baptized only)

Aprill 11 – Preparation for The Triduum

April 18 – Reflections on the Easter Vigil

April 25 –  Spirituality

May 2 – Called and Gifted

May 9 – Christian Witness

May 16 – Q and A

May 23 – Finale

Here is the entire calendar, with topics, for the year: rcia-calendar-2016-17