RCIA Session on Sacraments of Initiation January 9, 2018

Happy New Year Everyone! We were together again on Tuesday, January 9th, our first session after the holidays, ready to dive into a few weeks talking about the sacraments. So, what is a sacrament anyway? That’s how we started out, with definitions and ways to ponder this very Catholic way of life. Then we discussed the first three – Baptism, Confirmation and a short orientation to the Eucharist. Fr. Brendan will be here next week to talk about the Eucharist for the whole evening. We ended up with our usual table talk and questions. It was great to be back together again!

Podcast of Donna’s Talk: https://seekingfaith.podbean.com/

Seeking Faith/RCIA Calendar


We meet on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. in Knight Hall


January 9     The Sacraments

January 16    The Holy Eucharist

January 23     Sacraments of Healing

January 30      Sacrament of Holy Orders

February 6      Sacrament of Matrimony

February 13    Lent and Divine Election

February 20    Rite of Election with Sponsors at Basilica San Juan                                         Capistrano – Bishop presiding

February 27    The Creed

March 6          Commandments and Beatitudes

March 10 (Saturday)  RETREAT WITH SPONSORS -KNIGHT HALL                                                                                (MANDATORY)

March 13         Our Father Prayer

March 19         Penance Service (for Baptized Only)

March 20        Seder/Presentation of the Our Father @ 5:30 Mass

March 27         The Triduum


March 29   Holy Thursday: 8:15 a.m. Morning Prayer; 7:30 p .m. Mass

March 30    Good Friday: 8:15 a.m. Morning Prayer; 12:00 noon – Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion; 7:30 p.m. Lamentations

March 31   HOLY SATURDAY 8:15 a.m. Morning prayer and Preparation Rites followed by rehearsal for the Easter Vigil; (MANDATORY)

7:00 p.m. – Return to Knight Hall with Sponsors (MANDATORY)

8:00 p .m.  – Easter Vigil Begins!         

April 3 – Reflections on the Easter Vigil in Knight Hall

April 10 – Social Teachings of the Church

April 17 – Spirituality for the Long Haul

April 24 – Christian Witness/Stewardship

May 1 – Called and Gifted

May 8 – FINAL GATHERING – BBQ AND FAREWELLS; begins with mass at 5:30



RCIA Session: The Meaning of the Incarnation December 19,2017

The subject of the Incarnation is a big one, full of mystery and subtlety. We devoted the whole evening to a discussion of what the reality of “The Word made flesh” means, especially as we celebrate Christmas season. This was our last session until after the Christmas holidays. May we all remain safe and sound within the beauty of the light of Bethlehem!

Podcast: https://seekingfaith.podbean.com/

RCIA Session on December 5 2017: Mary, Our Mirror

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Although it may seem to outsiders that Catholics over-emphasize and worship Mary, the events of Scripture say the contrary. The early Christians considered her extremely holy and important. The entire evening’s discussion centered on why Catholics esteem and honor Mary. Using the events of Scripture, we explored how Mary’s life is a mirror of what every human being can expect who becomes a follower of Christ. Interesting questions followed.

Podcast: https://seekingfaith.podbean.com/e/mary-our-mirror/


Advent and Liturgical Year November 28 2017

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HAPPY NEW (LITURGICAL) YEAR!  We have entered into the beautiful Season of Advent when the church waits, longs, and prepares for the celebration of our God’s Incarnation, an event that changed the history of the world. Tonight, we talked about the liturgical year and how it does not follow the regular calendar. While everyone has begun Christmas shopping, decorating and consuming, the Church invites us into the quiet and hushed time of peaceful anticipation during Advent, the first season of our new year.

Unfortunately, the recording of the session this year did not turn out. We invite you to listen to last year’s podcast. Same content, different dates. Enjoy!


The Season of Advent  (Power Point Presentation)

Advent in Two Minutes  (Short Video)

Fr. Robert Barron on the Advent Revolution (Short Video)

Church History – Parts I and II – November 7 and 14, 2017

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shutterstock_146197067The past two weeks have been consumed with two thousand years of Church History. That seems like an impossible task. So much to cover in so little time! Using a story-telling style, PowerPoint, and humor, we skipped together through the centuries and hopefully created a yearning for more information, something everyone can do on their own. In our effort to reach out to a larger community, we invited parishioners to this session of Catholicism 102 and were streaming live on Facebook for anyone who could not be there in person. For those who missed these nights, you can still listen by going to the archives of the parish Facebook page or subscribing to our Seeking Faith Podcast.



Church History Part One

Church History Part Two

Church History Part I

Church History Part II


RCIA: Afterlife, All Saints/All Souls – October 24 2017

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saints-tapestrySpending time pondering what happens after we die is not always easy and yet, it is a necessary step in becoming fully human and fully alive. The Good News of Christianity is that only the body dies, the soul lives on in another realm that is of our own choosing. We talked about heaven, (our ultimate destination) purgatory, the place of purification and, of course, hell.  While we can experience these states of being dimly now as we live on Earth, we must rely on Scripture and on our divine promise that what awaits all who believe is far superior to what we can imagine. We also talked about the Communion of Saints, celebrating All Saints Day on November 1 and praying for the dead as celebrate All Souls Day on November 2. The evening culminated in a beautiful candlelight prayer service out by our grotto and the names of all who have gone before us. Beautiful.

Donna’s Power Point on Afterlife

Podcast (There are two podcasts in one here; the second one is the Afterlife): https://seekingfaith.podbean.com/e/the-key-kerygma-of-jesus-and-the-afterlife/


You Don’t Know Jack … About the Saints

How Does the Catholic Church Declare Someone a Saint?


RCIA Inquiry: Tour of the Church – October 17, 2017

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tour-of-churchpgVisiting a Catholic Church can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, especially when you are not familiar with all of the symbols that are used to enhance the environment. Tonight, we spent time actually touring the church, opening all the closets, naming all of the objects and discussing the lesser known facts about our particular worship space. Moving from station to station, from baptismal fount, to sacristy,  to Marian chapel, to sanctuary and Eucharistic chapel,  everyone was invited to get up close and personal with what should be considered “home.” It was an enlightening evening, to be sure.  ( NOTE: There was no recording tonight.)