Resolution: Be Inspired

I will admit that I sometimes struggle to understand someone who thinks differently than I do. When I see or hear about someone who is handling a situation in a way I would not, I automatically go on the defense to rationalize why my way makes more sense. As much as I don’t like this about myself, I think the awareness only helps me grow and evolve past this narrow-minded view. Although my way might make more sense for myself, I know we are all created unique and wonderful in our own ways. One of my resolutions this year is to be inspired by those whose views differ from mine. Instead of immediately writing off a conflicting perspective or solution, I will work on opening my heart and embracing these ideas. Who knows what kind of beautiful change it could make?

by CMM

Resolution: Defend All Life

As a Catholic, I think that my church has done a remarkable job of defending the lives of the unborn. Throughout the year, there is always a passionate effort to end the killing of our unborn brothers and sisters. But in his speech to the joint session of the United States Congress on September 24, 2015, Pope Francis clearly spoke about the need to protect all life as it pertains to the “image and likeness fashioned by God on every human face.”  He called for the global abolition of the death penalty, a stop to the arms trade, and for the nurturing and caring of the most vulnerable among us. He called us to defend the health of our planet, promote the richness and beauty of family life, and to gird ourselves against every form of fundamentalism. Imagine a world where we, as a people of faith, put this much passion into defending all human life, from the womb to the tomb, not just the unborn!

Pope Francis Congress Speech

by Andrew

Resolution: Serve

Sometimes I take on more than I should and the result is feeling overwhelmed. Sound familiar? We all do that. I recently read a blog that talked about how God gives each of us different size “plates” to handle in life: some get the platter used to serve the Thanksgiving turkey, some of us a salad plate and some of us a demitasse saucer. I tend to strive to fill that holiday “dish” when sometimes my capabilities are more suited for a salad. As we all know, when a plate is over-flowing it tends to get messy! So, in 2017 I will pay more attention to the size dish that God has given me and pray to be able to “serve” him well with that “plate.” I will remind myself that with God, all things are possible. “When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears, and rescues them from all their troubles.” Psalm 34:17

by JAM

Resolution: Change

There are times in life when nothing seems to go right. I’m living one of those times right now.  I’m not proud to say that recently I’ve muscled vendors, manipulated agendas and forced actions that under normal circumstances would be unacceptable. At times the world seems to dish out more paradox then truth. There is confusion. The clarity gets muddled. It’s a new year but the same old me. Then comes the hope of change within oneself; the longing to find a place we fit in. This year I became a new team member of RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults). It is a wonderful meeting of people with good intentions; people who want to know the Lord better; people who face the world with a resolve to be better. It is humbling to think a sinner like me could fit into a group so tethered to the truth.  It’s a place you’re sure to invoke Gods mercy – the mercy of Empowerment, Spirit of Grace and Understanding. Amen.

by Diego

Resolution: Do What Is Right

I love the following quote, “Do what is right, not what is popular.” I chose to apply it to my own life while going through a divorce several years ago. I resolved to walk in Christ’s light, be strong under his mantle but forgiving in nature. Some of friends were all about being angry and resentful and I’d fire back, “But what will that do for me? Make me more anxious and miserable? How is that helping to heal  the angst in my heart?” Fast forward to this Advent season, my daughter and I were sharing our favorite, St. Mother Teresa quotes. Hers, “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” Mine, “Do small things with great love.” Neither one of these ideas would be popular in today’s culture of division and name calling but what if we did, each of us, resolve to live from the starting point of one of these ideas? Then, as Mother Teresa says, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

by Gracie

Resolution: Carrier of Peace

Here we are entering into a new year. On a recent family vacation to Mammoth, we had the gift of this beautiful creek running behind our place. Every time I walked by it, I could feel this peace enter my heart. Even though the snow kept falling and things were frozen around it, it did not stop its purpose to carry the water through peacefully. We are all called to be that peace to our thirsty world. Jesus gave us his peace as he left this world now we are called to pay it forward. “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me,” is the song we can bring  in 2017 to our small corner of life. We do that simply by dipping our toes into the great creek side of grace!

by Cathy

Resolution: Simple

One of the words that comes to mind for me this year is: simple. I am one who has a lot of things that I need to touch and I surround myself with lots of embellishments. I am a tactile person who wants to touch and  feel everything in my midst. My surroundings are full of fabrics, crystals, beads, furniture, rocks and other things that make my senses come alive. My spirituality is somewhat the same.  Even though I love all these things, I want to challenge myself  to be more simple and child-like in my approach to the things around me and also with my inner journey with God.  I want to be straight’forward, light, uncomplicated, ordinary and not grand or sophisticated. I will incorporate these words into my prayer life and my outer surroundings as I simplify with less.  Less is more.  Less and simple, humble and unpretentious.  A child-like faith. Ahhhh!

by Liz

Resolution: Rest

At eight months pregnant, my doctor and my body tell me that I need to rest. Last month, I only laughed at the idea as I shopped, baked, wrapped and prepared for the upcoming holiday celebrations. Not to mention, when I’m not teaching, I’m home with my two and a half year old, energetic boy. Time for rest is hard to come by. However, I realize how necessary it is. God made sure we understood this by resting from creating on the seventh day. Yet, I am guilty of packing in grocery shopping and cleaning along with mass on Sundays. It may not sound practical to resolve to rest when my new baby will be coming soon (and I will no longer sleep through the night), but I’m doing it anyway. Rest doesn’t have to mean sleep, but rather to give myself time to let my soul be still and revel in this beautiful life God has given me.

by CMM